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Gradinger is a leading company in Bahrain which caters to the automotive and building industry with premises extending over a 1500 sq. m. showroom on the main Sitra road. The company was franchised from Gradinger Austria and is also the local agent of some major international brands. The company has a skilled workforce of 0more than 40 dedicated and highly skilled professional staff which includes in-house designers and expert window and sticker installers trained by the principal in Austria. Their main products include a variety of
window, safety and security films for both vehicles and buildings, vehicle and building branding, nano technology products, special automotive services and electronic products.

They also provide automotive electronic accessories like front + rear parking sensors, central mirror cameras; roof, headrest and dash entertainment systems; in dash navigation systems, dewaxing, detailing, paint and rust protection.

Window Films:

Automotive Window Film

You love your car for many reasons from the driving experience and styling to the comfort and security you feel behind the wheel. And with our automotive window film, you can add another – a more confident ride that comes from knowing you and your family are protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays , heat and glare and that your auto film was installed by a professional dealer.

Building Window Film

Along with heat reduction, window film can also help you protect your investments. Curtains, furniture and even flooring can fall victim to the effects of the sun. One of the leading culprits in fading your valuables is ultraviolet light. To keep those home furnishings and decorations looking their best, a window film with a high percentage of ultraviolet light rejection would be a good choice. Our films can now block almost
99.9 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Safety and Security Film

Globally patented window films are recognized and being used internationally. All products are manufactured in the USA with independent testing reports for US, EU, and International Standards.

Frosted Window Film

Frosted effect window film is a film which, once applied, gives the appearance of frosted glass to windows of your choice. Whether for privacy, to obscure an unsightly view or just to update an interior, there is no better material than frosted glass film.

Car Protection

Keeping your car in good working order requires regular maintenance and careful observation. Good thing there’s Gradinger!

Rust Protection

One problem any motorist wants to avoid is rust. Rust not only makes your car less attractive, it can cause serious damage if left unchecked. Gradinger provides complete rust protection for your vehicles.

Paint Protection

Stones, sand, road debris and bug acids eat away at one of your biggest investments. Help protect your paint from harsh conditions that mar its finish. Gradinger provides a durable, high-grade, colorless urethane film applied to high impact areas of your vehicle that take the brunt of damaging road debris.

Branding & Promotion
Experience a different kind of advertising with Gradinger.

Building Branding

Buildings reinforce established brand communication and create publicity that mass media alone can no longer achieve.
An advertising subject or company logo can be draped over a whole façade.

Perforated Film

Vinyl graphic films that are perforated to allow a full graphic image to be seen on one side of a window, while people can still see through the window from the opposite side. Can be printed to produce full coverage graphics for advertising messages, privacy, or decoration.

Car Wrapping & Branding

Whether it is your personal car you want to design for fun or for your business, Gradinger can turn all your ideas into a reality. With a wide selection of stickers from matte, glossy, textured to glittery and carbon in many colors, your brand will definitely be put in the forefront.

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