/ Yousif & Aysha Almoayyed Charity Center Opens at Al Sanabel Orphans Care Society

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Yousif & Aysha Almoayyed’s Charity Centermade a donation to Al Sanabel Orphan’s Care Society, which consisted of an Electronics Center fully equipped with computers and other such tools to enhance and further the education of the orphans supported by the center.

Amal Almoayyed, who is a member of the charity’s committee, commented “We have donated this Electronic Center to ensure that Al Sanabel is well equipped with the latest technologies, including touch screen advancements, to ensure that the youth receive the best educational tools that will enhance their learning experiences and develop new skills.”

Al Sanabel Orphans Care Society is the first society that fully funds orphans since its establishment in 1999, and provides support to the orphans from educational, social and medical perspectives. Today, they support about 900 orphans.