/ YKA Introduces 2017 Nissan Patrol and All New Pick up Navara in Bahrain

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Nissan,Bahrain hosted a spectacular launch event at the Royal Golf Course, introducing two new exciting Nissan models. Y.K Almoayyed& Sons, the exclusive distributor of Nissan vehicles in the Kingdom of Bahrain has recently become a new sponsor of the Wee Monty Golf Course and was delighted to conduct this special launch event at the Majlis.

Attending the launch ceremony, was YK Almoayyed and Sons director Mr Mohammed Almoayyed, Nissan Gulf Sales and Marketing Director Mr Cameron Gowing, distinguished guest Mr Rashid Essa Feleyefel, YK Almoayyed & Sons Chief Financial Officer Mr Alok Gupta Ahmed Al Dailami, Business Development Manager, other senior management, customers and members of the media.

The new 2017 Nissan Patrol V6 which celebrated its debut in Kingdom of Bahrain and the All New Nissan Navara Pickup were introduced. The two new vehicles have been designed and engineered to fit the standard that Nissan has always been up to with toughness, style and advanced technology.

“This marks a milestone for Nissan Y.K. Almoayyed & Sons, as we are excited to launch a new family member of the Hero of All Terrains in Life, the Patrol V6, which was specifically built for this region and offers better fuel efficiency that meet market demands and requirements while not jeopardizing power and performance. In addition, we are proud to introduce the all new Nissan Navara Pickup which which features the DNA of Nissan’s traditional Pickup, known for its toughness along with the modernity of the previous Navara”, said Mr. Ranjit Nair, Senior Manager – Sales & Marketing.

Complementing the legendary Patrol V8, the new Nissan Patrol V6 offers the same levels of prestige to a broader customer base in the market. With new technology added to its interior and exterior, the V6 is available for all practical uses and delivers the same legendary off-road and on-road capability as the previous generation models, by delivering the best in class power in the V6 category. It weighs less and it offers 12% more torque than its competitors with 275 horsepower and 394 Nm, however maintaining the same towing capacity as the V8.


“Patrol’s heritage stems back from 1951, which was initially used as a military vehicle due to its all terrain capability has now evolved to one of the most iconic off road vehicles ever built, wining 26 award since 2014, making the Patrol the most awarded SUV in the region”, Mr. Ranjit Nair added.


The Patrol V6 offers ultimate comfort for its passengers, as it is very spacious, with powered 3rd row seats, allowing enough room for passengers and luggage. In addition to the engine, a quieter and comfortable driving experience is now availablefor a more comfortable ride.

Being identical in design to the V8, the Patrol V6 will be available in both XE and SE range, each with many optional extras available.

The Nissan Patrol enjoys a vibrant and niche customer base in Bahrain who welcome the introduction of the V6. With the new fuel efficient and practical features in line, Y.K.Almoayyed and Sons, is positive that this new addition will make the Nissan Patrol more accessible to a wider audience.

Nissan’s second new family member, the all-New 2017 Pick upNavara has been re-designed and re-engineered with a striking new exterior and interior design for the Pickup with SUV qualities, making it both modern and comfortable. The full-boxed frame improves the stiffness and durability of the pickup. While having a 5-inch color display with rear-view reverse camera, Bluetooth connectivity, parking sensors, smart key entry with push-button starter, cruise control and audio switch controls on the steering wheel makes it more comfortable to use both personally and professionally.

Nissan’s latest Pickup has all the qualities of the previous generation model. It also enjoys the highest horse power output rating in its range, at 168hp and 430Nm of torque. The Navara is exclusively the only Japanese pickup to offer a 6-speed manual transmission and 7-speed automatic transmission keeping with fuel efficiency in mind. It will be offered in both petrol and diesel engines in eight grades.


“The All New Navara is the ideal pickup for professional as well as personal use as it combines toughness and modernity in one vehicle. It’s the result of Nissan’s wealth of experience in building a tough and reliable, yet stylish and comfortable vehicle”, said Mr. Ranjit Nair.


“In line with Nissan’s promise of ‘Innovation that Excites’, the introduction of these two new key models reaffirms Y.K. Almoayyed’s commitment of offering incomparable levels of choice to our customers and we are confident that the 2017 Patrol V6 and All New Navara will raise the bar on what a prestigious SUV and a Pickup should be.”


For more information, customers can also call the Sitra Showroom on 17 732732, the Arad Showroom on 17 221555 or the Exhibition Road showroom on 17 002222.