/ Training on Human Resource Development

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Ashrafs has conducted a training program for 14 of its employees on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People through Logic Training Centre. The program started on March 1st and lasted for 4 days. The employees of the company have thanked the company for providing them with this training opportunity which has cleared the career map for a lot of the participants.

During the closing ceremony on 4th March, Mr. Faisal Al Asfoor, Training Manager for Ashrafs and Mr. Shariq Khan, Senior Manager for Retail and Logistics Operations have attended the ceremony and distributed the certificates to the employees and emphasized on the importance of these programmes. Faisal also said “This type of training programmes help the employees of the company to regain their confidence to meet the ever changing customers demand, we have to continue to invest in our employees in order to maintain our competitive advantage in the market”.

The Ceremony was conducted at the Multi purpose hall in Ashrafs shopping center Hoora.