/ Nissan Sales Executives Awarded and Certified this Year for a Unique Customer Experience

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Nissan Bahrain is pleased to announce that four of its Sales members have successfully completed Nissan 2017 Certification Program. The certification is part of Nissan’s continuous goal of enhancing the customer experience and journey across all touch points when purchasing a car; especially with a focus on product knowledge highlighting Nissan’s innovative technologies from a customer benefit point of view.

The awarding took place on the 15th of January with the presence of the Nissan Gulf Regional Office and along with the newly certified, Nissan Brand Ambassadors: Mr Hashem Sayed, Rahman Mujibur, Mr Yogesh Sachde and Husain Ashoor.

Robert Beaty, General Manager – Nissan & Infinti at Y. K. Almoayyed & Sons (YKA), further emphasized on the importance of customer experience and added: “The certification program highlights importance of customer experience. At Nissan YKA, you are guaranteed an acclaimed customer service experience which sets us apart from the rest.”

The ceremony was attended by Fatma Zenagui – Deputy General Manager at Nissan Gulf along with senior management at Nissan Bahrain.