/ YKA Launches All-New Nissan Kicks

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Y. K. Almoayyed & Sons (YKA) has launched the all-new Nissan Kicks compact crossover in Bahrain.

Mohammed Almoayyed, Director, Y.K. Almoayyed & Sons, senior management and members of the media attended the launch.

The first appearance of the Nissan Kicks was in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and since then has been found in over 80 countries worldwide.

Ranjit Nair, Senior Manager – Sales & Marketing of Nissan Bahrain said: “The all-new Nissan Kicks was developed to be the most innovative, stylish & functional crossover in its class. It is equipped with advanced technologies making the vehicle comfortable to drive, in addition to being strong and stablethanks to the advanced chassis control technology.

The Kicks has made parking easier with its Around View Monitor (AVM) that is displayed on the 7-inch color touchscreen in addition to many more features which we believe will make the kicks appeal to many of our younger drivers in the market.”

The latest member of the Nissan family has anaerodynamic design that optimizes fuel consumption and minimizes noise. This design has been specifically made to enhance performance and maneuverabilityby having a tough exterior and being the first model toimplement the concept of Nissan Intelligent Mobility which was presented at the Geneva Auto Show in 2016.

Nissan kept its design signatures such as the V-motion grille which dominates the car’s front end. Also present are the boomerang head and taillights, and the “floating” coupé-style roof with a “wrap-around visor” look to the windscreen and side glass. The interior is spacious too, which instantly is recognizable as a Nissan design thanks to the “gliding wing” shape stretching the width of the dashboard.

Nissan Kicks has class-leading fuel efficiency thanks to its advanced 1.6-liter engine and lightweight platform. Power is rated at 88kW (118HP) and torque of 149Nm.

Nissan Intelligent Mobility uses smart, relevant technology that appeals to the young drivers that want a simple driving experience in addition to being connected to what matters. The Intelligent Mobility technology present in Kicks aims to reduce stress for drivers through innovations such as the Around View Monitor (AVM) and the Moving Object Detection system (MOD). This goes well with Nissan’s long term goal of zero emission and zero fatality motoring.

Using four cameras, placed at the front and rear of the car and in both door mirrors, AVM creates a bird’s eye 360-degree view of the car which can be displayed on the central monitor and used as a parking aid.

When the MOD system detects a moving object – a pedestrian, for example – a warning is sounded to alert the driver to the hazard and prevent a potential accident.

The kicks chassis control is one of the key features of this modern vehicle. It is supported by advanced electronic systems known as Active Trace Control, Active Ride Control and Active Engine Brake.

Active Trace Control is an innovative way to prevent a sudden loss of grip while driving as it works by applying brakes to wheels individually making it more stable on the road.

Similarly, Active Ride Control, helps stabilize the car if it hits any bumps in the road or anything that will cause a ‘bounce” effect on the suspension by applying the brakes for a split-second after the encounter.

Finally, the Active Engine Brake is the last of the electric trio which main purpose is to stabilize the speed when the accelerator is released while approaching a corner. This “cruising” effect is often associated with automatic and CVT gearboxes.

The kicks 7-inch colour touchscreen is a joy for all technology lovers. Simple to use, the driver will have access to many functions such as: navigation, audio and Bluetooth phone connections.

A second screen is ideally located in front of the driver complimenting the 7-inch screen.The main purpose of it is to relay information from the on-board drive computer, audio system and navigation systems, as well as displaying warnings. Vehicle settings can also be easily adjusted using the four-way selector on the steering wheel.

Being a crossover vehicle, The Nissan kicks has a generous ground clearance of 200mm, which places the driver at a very comfortable height and clear all round visibility.