/ Nissan Ignites Excitement with the Launch of NISMO Brand in Bahrain

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Nissan’s world famous motorsport and on-road performance brand, NISMO, known for the ultimate essence of ‘Innovation that Excites’ premiered in Bahrain at the adrenaline filled XDubai Spartan Race that also made its debut on the island this year. Y.K. Almoayyed & Sons, sole distributors of Nissan vehicles in the Kingdom of Bahrain, collaborated with the Spartan Race, the most popular obstacle race worldwide, to launch the all new Patrol NISMO in front of thousands of sport enthusiasts in Bahrain.

Held at the Bahrain International Endurance Village in Sakhir, the Spartan Race was chosen as the backdrop to introduce the sportier, gargantuan Patrol NISMO which shares mutual traits with the characteristics of the sports event – strength, agility and extreme performance.

Recognizing the passion for motorsports amongst local driving enthusiasts and the heritage of the Nissan Patrol in this region, the launch of the Patrol NISMO was the ideal choice to introduce the NISMO brand in Bahrain. The first ever Patrol NISMO has a 5.6 liter V8 engine that was tuned by Nissan’s Takumi craftsmanship from 400 to a heart thumping 428 horsepower.

NISMO’s signature design marks include a body kit with red striping and red highlights on door mirrors, making head-turning NISMO versions immediately recognizable. Ranjit Nair, Sales Manager, Nissan Bahrain said, “NISMO models are designed with the NISMO DNA at its core bringing motorsports-inspired aerodynamics and styling to the forefront. The Patrol NISMO is an exceptional vehicle and must have for those who wish to stand out and enjoy a thrilling and ultimate driving experience.”

Being the official automotive sponsor of the XDubai Spartan Race in the Kingdom, Nissan Bahrain represented a natural build on the brand’s involvement in producing consumer-facing events which deliver unparalleled experiences. The automaker also utilized this opportunity to highlight the Nissan Patrol SUV – known as ‘Hero of all Terrains in Life’ through the ‘Are You Spartan Enough?’ activation, challenging participants to pull the Patrol as far as they could within 60 seconds. The team who managed to pull the 2.7 tons vehicle the furthest was declared the winner with prizes given out at the award ceremony.

Through this event and unique launch of the NISMO brand, Nissan stayed true to its ideology of presenting consumers with innovative experiences that excite and showcase the evolution of the brand, tapping into key consumer passion points.

For more details on the NISMO Patrol, please drop by the Nissan showroom in Sitra or Arad or call 17 732732 or 17 221555.

Patrol NISMO
• Race-inspired version of Nissan’s legendary SUV-Patrol
• 428 HP for exhilarating performance
• Torque improvement over 70% rev-range
• NISMO® 22″ RAYS® forged-alloy wheels
• NISMO® tuned suspension using ‘Bilstein’ shock absorbers for improved handling and ride comfort
• Takumi tuned Engine
• Customized body reinforcements for precision steering & quick response
• Segment first Zero-Lift aerodynamic body kit
• NISMO® signature designed body kit
• NISMO® Sport tuned Power Steering
• NISMO® Bespoke designed interiors