/ Nissan Bahrain Secures Top Position in Competitive Survey

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A brand that prioritises its strategy around optimum brand perception and customer experience, Nissan Motors Ltd, recently participated in a customer satisfaction competitive survey for sales as well as after sales, the results of which were exemplary as well as expected.

YK Almoayyed & Sons, exclusive dealers of Nissan vehicles in the Kingdom of Bahrain, were placed at the highest ranking for customer satisfaction, experience and expectations, a feat that is only achieved through diligence and constant efforts to provide the best possible service.

Nissan Motors Limited (NML) and Nissan Grup of Africa, Middle east & India endeavour to establish key drivers of market leadership and customer experience with Nissan and its major competitors, and this is gauged through independent research. The results of the competitive survey puts Nissan Bahrain at the top and proudly so.

The results revealed several specifics including older customers and Arab customers being the most satisfied. A satisfied customer is known to further recommend a brand and recommending a dealership will also mean repeated visits for the same customer. The survey conducted revealed that Nissan had the highest scores for repurchase from the same dealer.

Nissan also prides itself on factors like lower costs for labour and spare parts, quality of service and best delivery times with a minimum waiting period.

Robert Beaty, General Manager of Nissan Bahrain, said: “We have worked very hard to accomplish this and it gives us immense pleasure seeing the acknowledgement of our efforts through this survey. Our customers are always our priority and it is a known fact that modern day consumers, in this age of social media, are well informed and well aware of their rights and privileges. Keeping this in mind, we enable repeated visits and have garnered, over the years, a loyal base of satisfied consumers. This survey is testament to that, and as a brand we are extremely proud of our accomplishment.”

Nissan strives to continue to leave no stone unturned in ensuring the best service and excellent customer experiences and looks forward to always being on top.