/ Nissan Bahrain Appoints a New General Manager

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Arindam Chakravarty has been appointed as the new General Manager, for Nissan Motors in Bahrain with the Y. K. Almoayyed & Sons Group (YKA) with immediate effect. In his new role, Chakravarty leads the team responsible for Nissan sales, marketing, service and other initiatives.

Since his MBA degree, Chakravarty has gained over 24 years of international leadership experience in the automotive industry in a variety of sales, leasing and marketing roles for both vehicle manufacturers and distributors across India and GCC. Prior to moving to his new role, Chakravarty spent nine years in Oman as the General Manager for Hyundai Motors. Arindam also brings in his rich experience of working with automotive manufacturer like Hyundai Motor India Ltd. and Tata Motors.


“This is an exciting time for Nissan, and I am eager to join the team,” said Mr. Chakravarty. “What drew me to YKA Group, and what differentiates the Company from its peers, is its unique commitment to customers. I believe in Nissan’s ability to drive value by best understanding the requirements of its customers. I look forward to working alongside the rest of YKAs leadership team to build on these initiatives and drive growth.”