/ Infiniti Signature Drive experience with the New Q60 Coupe

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To celebrate the launch of the new Q60 Coupe, INFINITI Middle East together with Y. K. Almoayyed & Sons hosted a diverse group of prominent bloggers to “The INFINITI Signature Drive” – an exclusive media event in Dubai on May 17th 2017. The bloggers were invited from a bouquet of creative fields in Bahrain such as food, travel, lifestyle, and automotive.

The INFINITI Signature Drive was crafted with the intention of bringing together artists and influencers who share INFINITI’s values of being Progressive Challengers. Lebanese-Dutch Tarek Atrissi, a pioneering artist in the Arab World led the group to create and leave their artistic imprints in the city of Dubai.

The bloggers were welcomed by an overview of the new INFINITI Q60 Coupe, and were presented with a number of premium gifts, heightening anticipation for the drive. After the overview, they were treated to driving a convoy of Q6O Coupes around the bustling avenues of Dubai. Still kept under the wraps to them however was that the drive was designed with an artistic touch! On completion of the drive, Tarek revealed to the audience the route they had taken by painting it onto a giant map of Dubai city. Much to their amazement, the bloggers found that their route was the word “Daring” in Arabic calligraphy.

Following the artistic drive, the bloggers were given a chance to freewheel the Q60 Coupe to experience their dynamic road performance. Concluding an exhilarating day, the bloggers were treated to an exclusive Yacht cruise inside which they were dared to compete amongst each other to mix the finest cocktail. The competition saw guests come up with a wide variety of innovative cocktails. The event highlighted INFINITI’s spirit to empower the drive by partnering with influencers who’ve dared to empower in their own artistic fields.