/ Almoayyed Motors Launched Ford Trucks Showroom

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Almoayyed Motors opened its new Ford Trucks Showroom in Manama yesterday and also launched a new range of models.

The new Ford Trucks range includes 1843T tractor, 3535M construction truck and 1832 road truck models, which are all manufactured to suit Bahrain and GCC markets.

The new showroom is staffed by a team of trained personnel and the service area can receive up to 250 trucks per day. “The Middle East is very important for Ford Trucks and Bahrain is among the most important markets within the region,” said Ford Trucks General Manager Haydar Yenigun.

He said the company expected to capture 10 per cent market share in Bahrain’s heavy commercial market in three years. Meanwhile, the company organized a special event last night for VIPs and corporate guests at the Gulf Convention Center, Gulf Hotel, Bahrain.