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Y. K. Almoayyed & Sons is in the forefront of corporate social responsibility (CSR) through its history of philanthropic activities. From his earliest days, Yousuf Khalil Almoayyed involved himself in charitable activities and contributed in the establishment of the Bahrain Red Crescent Society, the Rotary Club of Manama and the Bahrain Committee for Arab Support. In 1987, he personally financed the construction of the Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in memory of his late son Mohammed. In December 2010, BD1 million was donated to the Kidney Dialysis Unit at Salmaniya Hospaital by the heirs of the late Yousuf Khalil Almoayyed.

With the continuation of Yousuf Almoayyed’s vision of a prosperous Bahraini society, Y. K. Almoayyed & Sons introduces EDMAJ, an initiative that emphasizes both Corporate Social Responsibility and Employee Engagement.

What does EDMAJ mean?

The Arabic word EDMAJ means Synergy. EDMAJ is the combination of separate entities to create one goal; Y. K. Almoayyed & Sons fused CSR and Employee Engagement as an affiliation to target a specific objective.

What is EDMAJ?

EDMAJ was launched by Y. K. Almoayyed & Sons in September 2010. It has been designed to help reinforce Corporate Social Responsibility through various initiatives that will be planned and implemented with the participation of employees.

EDMAJ is the power of working together for a better tomorrow.


Steering Committee:

  • Managing Director
  • Chief Executive
  • Group Manager: HR & Total Quality Management
  • Manager – Training and Development
  • Secretary – Charity Affairs

The role of the steering committee is to guide and advise on the vision and mission of the program and to monitor the progress. The committee is also
responsible for providing the necessary resources for the program.


The role of implementers is to identify and implement various initiatives under the EDMAJ program and to spread the information within their respective
departments. They are also responsible for mobilizing the members to participate in the initiatives.


All employees are welcome to enroll as a member of the EDMAJ team; any employee can give suggestions and participate in the initiatives.


Some of the events that are undertaken annually under the EDMAJ initiative include:

  • Blood donation camp
  • IIftar for Orphans during Ramadan
  • Annual internship program for university and school students
  • Medical checkup camps in association with hospitals
  • Donation for Breast Cancer awareness program conducted by American Mission Hospital
  • Donations / participation in various charitable events / Walkathons organized by different societies / organizations
  • Donations to various charitable organizations like Taafi drug recovery association.