Wondering how to select the right washing machine? Here’s how!

1. Pull out the tape measure!

Space and time have one thing in common: there never seems to be enough of either. Before purchasing your tumble dryer, make sure you’ve sized up the space you’ve chosen as your desired spot for this new beauty! Oh,
and don’t forget to measure the width of the doors in your house either! No width, no way!

2. Choose: top or front-load?

There are two basic types of washing machine: top-load and front-load. When making your decision, think about how and where you’ll be using your appliance.

Limited space? Perhaps a top loader would help save a few precious square inches in your already cramped laundry room!

Oh wait! You want to pair this with a new dryer too? Your best bet then, is a front-loader to stack the two appliances. You can also raise front-loaders with supports and pedestals, to minimise kneeling and bending over.


Front-load washing machines are resource efficient, consuming little water. This could potentially become one of the ways, you contribute to the environment, sitting at home, in the guise of a daily chore!


Top-loaders, which open from the top, provide short wash cycles, and their design ensures reduced vibration during the cycles too.

3. Weigh your laundry

…OK, perhaps not literally (although actually weighing it would be useful). But do carefully consider the average amount of laundry you and your family
produce: it will determine the drum capacity of your new appliance, and this is one of the key pieces of information you need to take into account before making your purchase.

Remember: an appliance’s drum capacity always refers to dry laundry, not wet. So, if the appliance you’re interested in has a 7kg drum capacity,
that means it can accommodate the equivalent of 7kg of dry clothes. Of course, the clothes will weigh a lot more when wet, but don’t worry, the appliance is designed to handle the extra weight.

4. Pick your perks

Indesit washing machines come equipped with a number of additional features, including special cycles, increased energy efficiency, reduced water consumption, etc.

When planning your purchase, take the time to consider which features you genuinely value or need.
Here’s a selection of features Indesit washing machines have to offer.


One push, zero hassle.

In a hurry to make it to your child’s Karate classes, but you also got a pile of clothes gaping at you to be washed? Every household story, seriously! Indesit’s USP is here to fix this! Setting your washing machine now takes two seconds. Literally. Indesit’s Innex line of washing machines has stripped the washing process down to the minimum: a single push of a button.

Whether you’re washing cotton, synthetics, or both, just press the Push & Wash button on your Innex washing machine, and you’re all set.

There when you need it.

Messy lunch with the kids? No need to wait till you have stacked a basket full of soiled items to do the laundry. EcoTime will wash small loads in little time, without wasting water or energy.
Simply pop up to 3kg of laundry into your Indesit washing machine and let EcoTime handle the rest.


No such thing as unbeatable stains.

You’ve seen all kinds of stains. Some of them just make you want to pull your hair out. Don’t (you’ll regret it).
Here’s a simpler and more effective approach: put those soiled clothes in the washing machine and select the special Extra Wash cycle.

We guarantee you both, spotless laundry, and a wide smile!

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